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The Christine Center was fortunate to have Andrew Harvey as a presenter during our 2016 Annual Year-end Retreat, December 27-January 1.

An extraordinary spiritual teacher and founder of the Institute for Sacred Activism, acclaimed author of over 30 books, and mystical scholar, Andrew came to the Christine Center for an unforgettable week to offer daily reflection and soul conversation about the holy mystery of Mary of Nazareth, mother of Jesus, and icon of Wisdom, Mercy and Love. Attendees opened their hearts to the mystery, the blessings and the strength of the Mother love to help heal their heart.

Our special friend Jean Feraca interviewed Andrew one morning in what became a dynamic spiritual conversation.

Inspiration Alert!  Please watch the film I participated in about Dick Fort, the old man of Spearfish Cannon, a beloved friend and sacred activist of the highest order.   I hope you will love him and it as much as I do, and drink  deep of his simple humble presence and courage.  Please share the film with everyone: it shows what one sincere person can be and do, even in our mad world.